Take your pic and have a #holidaywin

As the summer peak season approaches, the Take Your Pic campaign will again be actively engaging on Twitter with young Britons who will be spending their holidays in Sunny Beach. Take Your Pic aims to  prevent young people aged 15 to 30 from getting into incidents during their trips. The campaign invites them to pick and share a photo of their favorite #holidaywin moments, like partying with friends, spending time outdoors, and sunbathing. It also encourages them to keep in mind the importance of preparing for their holiday by having travel insurance and a valid passport, and highlights the risks of experiencing problems which may include ending up in the hospital or local jail. 

The Embassy’s Consular Team started a prevention campaign in Bulgaria three years ago, under different name, in light of worrying statistics about young British citizens’ involvement in incidents while on holiday in the resort. Since the launch in 2013, the number of incidents involving Britons in the resort has seen a steady decrease, and incidents in 2015 decreased by 31% compared to 2014, despite a 10% increase in British visitors over the same period. The campaign also involves local and overseas partners who help to spread the advice to holidaymakers about how to avoid problems during their stay in Bulgaria. In September 2015, the Consular team conducted an evaluation of the campaign’s effectiveness- with the involvement of its target audience. This year, Take Your Pic will continue to cover the latest events in Sunny Beach, providing tips to help young people get the most out of their holiday and simply have fun.

The British Consul Simon Tucker said: “I am happy to see the numbers dropping compared to the year before. We do not want to parent anyone, but we would rather share the good moments with our tourists than have them contact us as the result of some kind of incident. Being responsible and following the travel tips we provide on our Twitter page will allow people to have a more enjoyable time during their holiday. Take Your Pic supports having memorable nights out with friends (but in a responsible way), so I hope we will again have fewer cases reported this year than last.”

Sunny Beach Radio, the only English speaking radiostation in the resort is a proud partner of the Take Your Pic campaign.

More about the campaign can be found on its official Twitter account @TYPSunnyBeach and on air Sunny Beach Radio.

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